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The Plant Today

Over 40000 units per year

Since 2010 The Pilot Plant of Welding Equipment of the Electric Welding Institute named after E.O.Paton has substantially increased its production capacity. At present, the plant produces 3000 machines per month, it amounts to 36000 per year and significantly exceeds the 2005 production volume which amounted to 50 Inverters per month. We have become a respected company in the industry. The Pilot Plant is certified according to Ukrainian and European Standards (CE). We have active service branches and technical support in over 16 countries around the world.

More than 16 countries

Pilot Plant Paton Welding Appliances delivers welding equipment to Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Poland, Czech Republic, United Arab Emirates, Burma, Equatorial Guinea and other countries. Exclusive sales agreements have been concluded with the largest distribution companies in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Serbia and Moldova. Regular deliveries are made to the countries of the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Our main customers are such industrial giants as ArcelorMittal, DTEK, Zaporizhstal, Kyivvodocanal, Kyivnergo, Nibulon, Odessagaz, Ukroboronprom, Ukrzaliznycia and UMG.

10 major retail chains

Pilot Plant Paton of Welding Appliances successfully competes with foreign manufacturers because it is worth its price. It outstrips Chinese manufacturers of welding equipment. The agreement with EpicentrK’s hypermarket chain for equipment under the EVO brand is a living example. Since April 2015, the Pilot Plant has been producing 500 EVO devices per month, while in 2014 EpicentrK imported similar devices from China. In addition, an additional order was placed for the production of 100 semi-automatic welding machines and about 100 inverters under the brand name “Compass”. In 2016, more than 1000 “mini” type machines for the “Vist Group”.

More than 300 people in the team

The Pilot Plant of Welding Equipment Paton is developing at a very fast pace. In the last five years the turnover of the plant has increased almost 10 times, the number of employees is over 300. Despite the difficult economic situation of the country and the changing market, we have grown into our own company shop. The Paton Pilot Plant team is looking forward to the coming years in an ever-changing industry and is doing its utmost to achieve the goal of becoming a world leader in welding equipment.