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Welder MIG/MAG MMA/TIG DC Paton PSI 350 PRO (15-4) 400 V

Welder PSI 350 PRO (15-4) PATON™ 400 V designed for semi-automatic MIG/MAG arc welding, gas shielded arc welding with TIG method and manual arc welding with MMA shielded electrode, direct current (DC) with PULSE function. The use of a completely electronic control method in this series excludes defects that are characteristic of multifunctional systems. In a fully electronic system, the control system has absolutely all the resources of the source, within the limits of its full power and regardless of which method is used.


The Professional series devices are designed for semi-industrial and industrial use, the source can be separated from the welding wire feeding mechanism for convenience and safety. They provide a 70% duty cycle at full rated current of 350A without loss of performance or quality. This makes it possible to use solid wire from 0.6 – 1.6 mm in the GMAW method and a coated electrode from 1.6 to 6 mm SMAW. It is possible to replace the polarity for welding self shielding wire (FCAW). For hazardous conditions, a MMA Idle Voltage Derating Unit has been built into this unit, with the possibility of switching it on and off. After the welding process is completed, the voltage at the source terminals is reduced to a safe level of 12 V within 0.1 seconds.


These Professional Series welding units are protected against ingress of foreign particles more than 2.5 mm in size and against rain drops if the rain drops fall at an angle to the vertical surfaces of the welding unit not more than 60 degrees. Welder unit is allowed for outdoor operation in temperature -25 + 45 ºС . The internal electrical and electronic elements of the welding unit are protected against moisture but are not protected against atmospheric condensate drops.


The characteristic feature of the PATON™ semi-automatic machines of the “Professional” series is the high quality, sealed, metallic wire feeder, as well as the existing KZ-2 “EURO” type connector, which has become a standard in the world, allowing the user to change the holder at his own discretion in the future. In this model, the feeder is equipped with 4 wire feed rollers, we can use a spool up to 18 kg and a 5-meter welding gun. Due to their compact and robust design, the Professional Series of welding machines are ideal for field work and semi-industrial conditions. The small size of the machine makes it very mobile.


Features & Benefits:

The high quality of the welds and the safety of the Welder PSI 350 PRO are ensured by additional adjustable functions


FAN STOP: Adaptive fan, a solution which increases the life of the fan itself and additionally reduces the amount of dust in the device itself. The speed of the fan increases at the beginning of work and when it is heated up, and decreases when the welder is cooled down.


PULSED WELDING FUNCTION: This function is designed to simplify the control of a welding process in various spatial welding positions, excluding a flat welding position. This function is also used in welding nonferrous metals. When this function is activated, the application of pulse welding current improves the mixing of molten metals in the weld area and causes forced action on the transfer of molten metal drops into the welding pool, therefore the stability of the weld formation and the stability of the welding process are improved.


INDUCTANCE CONTROL FUNCTION: Inductance control allows optimization of the arc characteristics according to the welded thickness element and welding method and conditions. This function is necessary to change the slew rate of the current when the arc voltage changes. The thinner the element to be welded with the met MIG/MAG the inductance should be higher (soft arc – less fusion), for thick elements vice versa (hard arc – greater embedding).


Welder Inverter PSI 350 PRO PATON™ Inverter have a stabilization system, so they can be powered from the aggregate, also operates at full nominal current with a 46 m long on extension cable and a 2.5 mm diameter.



It is worth noting that the welding parameters fully correspond to the real working parameters of the welder, which is defined by the use of high-quality electronic components with thorough control at each stage of production.


The kit includes:

  • The welding unit PATON PSI 350 PRO 400 V DC
  • PATON BPI 15-4 feeder
  • Wire feeder rollers 4x (0.8 – 1.0),4x (1.2 – 1.6) V + 4x (0.8 – 1.0) U
  • Gas quick connector
  • The welding cable 3 m in length with an Abicor Binzel DE2300 electrode holder
  • The welding cable 3 m in length with a Abicor Binzel MK300 grounding clamp
  • Cardboard packaging
  • The shoulder-carry belt
  • The operation manual

Compared to inverter welders from other manufacturers, this product was invented by the designers of the Pilot Plant of Welding Equipment of the Electric Welding Institute named after E. O. Paton, has the following advantages:

  • Wide range of adjustment of welding parameters:
    MMA method – 1 (basic) + 10 (additional)
    TIG method – 1 (basic) + 10 (additional)
    MIG/MAG method – 2 (basic) + 8 (additional)
  • Pulsed welding function, which is programmable in all welding modes.
  • The welding unit is protected against long-time fluctuations of power supply voltage and ensures welding arc stabilization when the input voltage of the unit changes in the range of 320 V through 440 V.
  • Adapted to the standard power grid. Thanks to its high efficiency, the source provides twice as much electricity demand as traditional sources
  • Automatically adjusts the speed of the fan, which works with higher efficiency when the unit is warmed up, and reduces the speed when the unit is not in use. This affects the wear of the fan, reduces the amount of dust in the unit and the noise during welding.
  • Convenience of working with a nominal current load of the device, without the need for cooling interruptions at 25 °C.
  • High reliability of the device in production conditions with high dustiness and high humidity.
  • The device is equipped with a thermal protection system which protects all elements generating heat of the welding unit against overheating.
  • All electronic components of the device are impregnated with two layers of high quality lacquer, which ensures the reliability of the product during its entire lifetime
  • Improved stability of the electric arc glow
  • Reliability thanks to the use of the latest advanced IGBT technology.
  • The small size and weight of the device do not affect the technical performance of the welder, but facilitate welding in difficult places.
Rated power supply voltage 50/60 Hz
3x400 V
Rated power supply current
16 – 18 A
Rated welding current
350 A
Maximum operating current
450 A
Operating load factor %
70% – 350 А
100% – 290 А
Power supply voltage range
±15% V
Welding current control range
15 – 350 A
Welding current control range
12 – 30 V
Wire feeding speed control range
2,0 – 16 m/min
Diameter of a stick electrode
1,6 – 6,0 mm
Number of pressure rolls
Diameter of electrode wire0,6 – 1,4 mm
Coil weight, not more than
≤18 kg
Welding processes with a pulse welding mode
Function "Hot-Start"
Function "Arc-Force"
Function "Anti-Stick"
Reduction of open-circuit voltage
Open-circuit voltage
12 / 75 V
Welding arc starting voltage
110 V
Rated consumed power
10,5 ... 11,8 kVA
Maximum consumed power
15,0 kVA
Efficiency coefficient
Operating temperature range
–25 … +45 ºС
Fulfilled standards:
EN 60204 – 1:2006
EN 60974 – 1:2012
EN 60974 – 10:2014
Overall dimensions (length, width, height)
540 х 360 х 400
Protection class*
IP 33


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