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Welder MIG/MAG MMA/TIG Lift Paton StandardMIG-270 400V

Basic data of the Paton StandardMIG-270 400V welder

The PATON StandardMIG 270 400V Digital Inverter Welder is intended for semi-automatic MIG/MAG arc welding, gas shielded TIG arc welding and manual MMA arc welding with direct current (DC) with the possibility of using the PULSE function.


The “Standard” series is dedicated to domestic and semi-industrial use. PATON PSI 270 Standard ensures 55% duty cycle at full rated current of 270A without any loss of efficiency and quality of work. It is also worth mentioning that the welder achieves a 100% duty cycle at 180A. The robust design and simplicity of operation makes the machine easy to use – easy settings result in excellent weld quality. The use of the fully electronic control method in this series excludes the disadvantages which are characteristic of multifunctional systems. The welding source is set to optimal values, which allows you to start working with it right away, even if you are a beginner. For more advanced work, the device is equipped with additional functions. A characteristic feature of PATON™ Standard series semi-automatic machines is a high-quality wire feeder, which has been additionally sealed, as well as the existing KZ-2 “EURO” type integrated connector, which has become a standard all over the world, allowing the user to choose any MIG/MAG torch according to his/her preferences.

All PATON MIG/MAG welding machines are adapted for welding with self-shielded wire. Such welding, as opposed to the traditional MIG/MAG welding process, is performed without the use of shielding gas – however, it requires the use of a special welding wire. The wire produces its own shielding which helps to protect the welding arc. Self-shielded wire suitable for PATON welding machines can be purchased here – 5kg spools of wire will fit all wire feeders.



Paton MIG/MAG welders of the Standard and PRO series have the possibility of brazing thanks to the function of changing the inductance in three steps. The inductance control allows the arc characteristics to be optimised according to the thickness of the component to be welded. This function is necessary to change the speed of the current flow when changing the arc voltage. The thinner the component to be welded using MIG/MAG, the higher the inductance should be (soft arc – less fusion), for thicker components the opposite (hard arc – more fusion).



– PULSE in TIG welding – full control of heat entering the material – a great feature for welding stainless steel and acid-resistant steel,

– PULSE in MMA – easier transfer of material from electrode to weld pool, better quality of welded joint,

– Pulses in MIG/MAG welding – easier detachment of metal droplets from the end of electrode wire, possibility to adjust pulse current parameters. MIG welding with pulse is useful for welding stainless steel, acid-resistant steel and aluminium alloys. In addition, pulse welding provides better parameters for soldering CuSi3



Unlike the rest of the Standard Series, the PATON PSI 270 400V welder has a 55% duty cycle at its rated current of 270A. In addition, the wire feeder built into the welder allows a large 15kg spool of wire to be fitted – unlike the other STN series units which only handle spools of up to 5kg.



  • European manufacturing
  • Electronic thermal protection system to protect all heat generating components from overheating
  • Reliability through IGBT technology
  • Possibility to work with long extension cables as well as with a generator
  • Pulsed current welding in all welding methods
  • Improved arc glow stability
  • Change mode function 2T, 4T, gas purge from feeder function
  • The devices are equipped with a voltage surge protection and stabilisation system allowing proper operation in the voltage range of 160V to 260V
  • Twice lower power consumption compared to traditional sources
  • Optimum melting and correct stitch shape regardless of welding position



3-year manufacturer’s warranty for consumers as well as companies

Top quality workmanship confirmed by a 3-year DOOR-to-DOOR manufacturer’s warranty. The STD series models feature a number of innovative design solutions that increase their reliability. These include a sealed and failure-free wire feeder, KZ-2 EURO type integrated connector and a built-in voltage stabilisation module.



The purchased set includes:

  • PATON StandardMIG 270 400V inverter welder
  • Electrode holder 3m
  • Bulk holder 3m
  • Wire feeder rollers 1x (0.6 – 0.8), 1x (1.0 – 1.2) V
  • Transport wheels
  • Quick connector for gas
  • Cardboard packaging
  • Operating instructions


If a MIG/MAG torch is selected, this set will be completed with the torch of the customer’s choice.

Compared to inverter welders from other manufacturers, this product was invented by the designers of the Pilot Plant of Welding Equipment of the Electric Welding Institute named after E. O. Paton, has the following advantages:

  • Wide range of adjustment options for welding parameters:
    – the MMA method – 1 (basic) + 10 (additional)
    – the TIG method – 1 (basic) + 4 (additional)
    – the MIG/MAG method – 2 (basic) + 4 (additional)
  • Pulsed welding function, which is programmable in all welding modes.
  • Protection system against voltage surges.
  • Despite the protection against voltage spikes, a stabilisation system has been installed for larger long-term voltage differences in the single-phase power supply from 160 V to 260 V. It is worth remembering that in the case of the minimum voltage of 160 V, welding with an electrode with a diameter of no more than Ф3 mm or semi-automatic wire welding with a diameter of no more than Ф 0.8 mm may be performed.
  • Adapted to the standard power grid. Thanks to its high efficiency, the source provides twice as much electricity demand as traditional sources.
  • The adaptive fan speed, which increases at the start of welding, increases even more when the welder is warmed up and decreases when it is cool, saves fan wear and reduces the amount of dust in the welder.
  • Convenience of operation due to the long load time at the nominal current, which allows welding practically without interruption with Ф5 mm electrodes (for PSI 250 Standard), e.g. АNО-/21/36 at 200 А current at 25 °С.
  • Increased reliability of the welder in dusty and wet production conditions. The microelectronic system has been moved to a separate chamber protected by a robust construction.
  • All electronic components of the welding machine are impregnated with two layers of high-quality lacquer, which ensures the reliability of the product during its lifetime.
  • The welding machine is equipped with an electronic thermal protection system which protects all heat-generating elements of the welding unit against overheating.
  • Improved stability of the electric arc glow.
  • Continuously adjustable welding parameters.
  • Reliability thanks to the use of the latest advanced IGBT technology.
Rated power supply voltage 50/60 Hz
Rated power supply current
12 – 13 A
Rated welding current
270 A
Maximum operating current
350 A
Operating load factor %
55% - 270 A
100% - 180 A
Power supply voltage range
±15% V
Welding current control range
14 – 270 A
Welding current control range
12 – 29 V
Wire feeding speed control range
2,0 – 16 m/min
Diameter of a stick electrode
1,6 – 6,0 mm
Number of pressure rolls2
Diameter of electrode wire0,6 – 1,2 mm
Coil weight, not more than
≤15 kg
Welding processes with a pulse welding mode
MMA: 0,2...500 Hz
TIG: 0,2...500 Hz
MIG/MAG: 5...500 Hz
Function "Hot-Start"
Function "Arc-Force"
Function "Anti-Stick"
Reduction of open-circuit voltage
Open-circuit voltage
12 / 75 V
Welding arc starting voltage
110 V
Rated consumed power
7,9 – 8,6 kVA
Maximum consumed power
11,0 kVA
Efficiency coefficient
Operating temperature range
–25 … +45 ºС
Fulfilled standards:
EN 60204 – 1:2006
EN 60974 – 1:2012
EN 60974 – 10:2014
Overall dimensions (length, width, height)
620 х 310 х 460
Weight, without accessories
27,6 kg
Protection class*
IP 21


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