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Welder TIG AC DC Paton ProTIG-200

Paton ProTIG-200 AC DC TIG Welder – basic data

The PATON ProTIG-200 digital inverter welder is optimised for “TIG” direct or alternating current (AC/DC) inert gas shielded arc welding and “MMA” direct current manual metal arc welding.


The “Professional” series has been designed for consumers requiring compactness and an optimum ratio between portability and functionality of a unit with its full rated current.


The best solution for direct and alternating current welding of a wide range of materials: aluminium, aluminium alloys (TIG AC mode), parts and materials made of steel, non-ferrous metals and copper alloys (TIG DC mode). The device can also be used for welding with coated electrodes (MMA mode). In addition, the manufacturer has used the RIV (SPOT) function in this device. PATON ProTIG 200 inverter welder provides excellent contactless ignition, constant and stable electric arc, as well as high quality weld and ease of use. The device is equipped with a protection module against under- and over-voltage supply. By increasing the frequency of the input voltage, which is supplied to the transformer, it is several times smaller, so the device has several times less weight and dimensions with the same output parameters compared to other devices with similar characteristics.

The Paton ProTIG-200 AC DC TIG welder is designed for welding:

– TIG AC/DC (direct / alternating current)

– MMA (direct current)

– RIV (rivet welding mode)



  • European manufacturing
  • Electronic thermal protection system to protect all heat generating elements from overheating
  • Reliability thanks to IGBT technology
  • Possibility to work with long extension cables as well as with a generator
  • Pulsed welding (PULSE function)
  • Improved arc glow stability
  • Change mode function 2T, 4T, gas cleaning with feeder function
  • The devices are equipped with a voltage spike protection and stabilisation system allowing proper operation in the voltage range of 160V to 260V
  • Twice lower power consumption compared to traditional sources
  • Optimum melting and correct stitch shape regardless of welding position


3-year manufacturer’s warranty for consumers as well as companies

Top quality workmanship confirmed by a 3-year DOOR-to-DOOR manufacturer’s warranty. The PRO series models are characterised by a compact design in which a number of innovative technological solutions have been applied to increase the reliability of the equipment. The inverter’s reliability in dusty and humid environments has been increased by moving the electronic system to a separate chamber, in addition, the electronic components have been impregnated with high-class varnish.


The purchased set includes:

  • Paton ProTIG 200 AC DC TIG welder
  • Mass holder 3m
  • Cardboard packaging
  • Carrying strap
  • Operating instructions
  • Quick connector for gas

Compared to inverter welders from other manufacturers, this product was invented by the designers of the Pilot Plant of Welding Equipment of the Electric Welding Institute named after E. O. Paton, has the following advantages:


  • Installed module for non-contact arc ignition (initiation of high voltage welding of kV) HF.
  • Pulsed welding function in TIG AC/DC and MMA modes
  • 10 custom welding settings can be saved.
  • RIV welding function
  • Push button mode on 2T and 4T handle
  • All electronic components of the device are impregnated with two layers of high quality lacquer, which ensures the reliability of the product during its entire life.
  • On all the elements of the source, which heat up during operation, the electronic heat protection system is installed, when the temperature reaches 100 ˚С, the power supply of the device is switched off for the period until the temperature drops.
  • Smooth regulation of welding parameters
  • Improved arc stabilization in TIG AC/DC modes.
  • Adaptive temperature-dependent fan speed control.
  • Despite the protection against voltage spikes, a stabilization system is installed for larger long-term voltage differences in the single-phase power network from 190 V to 260 V.
Supply voltage 50/60 Hz230V
Required nominal current from the mains
25 A
Nominal welding current
200 A
Maximum welding current
200 A
Voltage change intervals, V190 - 260 V
Welding current adjustment intervals5- 200 A
Basic operating modeTIG AC/DC
Additional operating modeRIV, MMA
Granice regulacji prądu spawalniczego tryb MMA5 - 200 A
Welding current regulation limits TIG AC/DC mode5 - 200 A
Idle voltage65 V
Energy efficiencyNot less than 80 %
Duty cycle with welding current 126 (DC)100 %
Welding cycle 200 A (DC)40 %
Duty cycle at 140 A (AC) welding current100 %
Duty cycle for welding current 200 А (АС)50 %
Nominal power consumption6,3 kVA
Non-contact arc ignition (HF)Yes
Welding current indicatorYes
Memorizing modes of operation10 programmes
Alternating current frequency15 - 250 Hz
Polarity balance in TIG AC/DC welding15 - 90 %
Burner button mode, TIG AC/DC2Т, 4Т
Time of the shielding gas supply before welding0,1 - 25 s
Welding time of the protective gas supply0,1 - 25 s
RIV method pulse time adjustment0,5 - 5 s
Peak current regulation in the RIV method5 - 200 A
Starting current control5 - 185 A
Adjusting the time of the current rise0 - 15 s
Adjusting the time of the current drop0 - 25 s
End current regulation5 – 185 A
Dimensions (length, width, height), mm:465 x 190 x 350
Standards met:EN 60204 – 1:2006
EN 60974 – 1:2012
EN 60974 – 10:2014
Weight of the welder14,7 kg
Degree of protectionIP21


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