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General Warranty Conditions

Welding Equipment Department Paton of E.O. Electrical Welding Institute. Paton guarantees the correct operation of the power source provided that the user complies with the operating, storage and transport conditions.

The manufacturer provides guarantees for 24, 36 and 60 months for both consumer and business-related purchases.  The warranty period starts from the day the device is sold to the end user on the basis of a sales document, i.e. a receipt or a VAT invoice. 

In case the goods turn out to be defective, do not look or work as described, the customer has the right to free of charge repair, replacement, discount or refund.

The warranty covers only damage occurring during the warranty period which was caused by the product sold or by improper manufacturing technology. During the basic warranty period, the service team undertakes to perform the following actions for the owner of PATON™ branded equipment:

  • Perform diagnostics and detect the causes of the failure;
  • Provide the necessary components for the repair of the welding equipment
  • Replacing defective components and parts
  • Checking the equipment repaired,
  • Sending back the repaired device.

The warranty period is extended by the service period.

The advertised product should be delivered to the point of sale. The condition for the complaint to be considered is:

  • Presentation of a document confirming the fact of purchase with the date of sale (receipt, VAT invoice)
  • Presentation of a correctly completed Warranty Card and send it to
  • Delivery of fully completed documents according to the information in the manual.

The basic guarantee obligations do not cover equipment:

  • Which has mechanical damage affecting the operation of the device (e.g. deformation of the housing or parts of the device due to a fall from height, the fall of a heavy object on the device, damage to controls or connectors);
  • Which has traces of the corrosion that caused the malfunction;
  • Which have been damaged due to the influence of high humidity on power and electronics components;
  • Which have been damaged due to the accumulation of conductive dust (coal dust, metal chips, etc.) inside.
  • If you try to repair its knots and/or replace electronic parts yourself;
  • Damage resulting from the installation of inappropriate parts or accessories, use of inappropriate preservatives.

Depending on the operating conditions, it is recommended to clean internal components and assemblies with compressed air once every six months to avoid defects. Remove the cover from the device beforehand. Clean the unit carefully, holding the compressor hose at a sufficient distance to avoid damage to the electrical component and mechanical assembly connections.

The basic guarantee obligations do not apply to replace the components of the welding equipment which are subject to operation are exposed to physical contact. Claims relating to the following shall be accepted no later than two weeks after the date of sale:

  • the switch off and on button,
  • Welding parameters adjustment knobs,
  • cable and sleeve connections,
  • control sockets,
  • the mains cable and plug of the mains cable,
  • transport handle, shoulder strap, suitcase, box,
  • Electrode holder, ground connection, torch, welding cables and sleeves.

The seller reserves the right to refuse the warranty repair, or to set a starting date for the calculation of the warranty period – month and year of manufacture of the device (determined by the serial number):

  • In case the warranty card is lost by the owner,
  • If the warranty card is not filled in correctly or if the seller does not fill in the warranty card when selling the device

Welding inverters Standard and Pro series – 5 years basic warranty. It is a mandatory condition that the service is carried out within the required time limits in an authorised service centre. The initial maintenance should take place 24 months after the sale.

The guarantee shall be valid on the territory of the Republic of Poland and the Europe.

Welding cables for repair work are not needed, so please do not send them.

Delivery of the device to the PATON Service Center is made at the manufacturer’s expense for the entire warranty period from the date of purchase exclusively in Poland!