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Welding machines for beginners – amateurs

Choosing the right welding machine often proves to be difficult, especially for inexperienced people. The device should be simple to operate, robust and at the same time comfortable to use and tailored to individual needs. How to find them? In our shop there are many models suitable for beginner welders who are worth getting acquainted with.

What is a good welding machine for beginners?

A good welder for beginners is lightweight and compact in size, which means that it can be easily moved from place to place. Although a welder without a lot of experience does not have to invest in expensive and professional equipment, it is worth finding a robust model that will work reliably for a long time. It is also important that the welding device is easy to use. Changing the operating parameters may not take much time, therefore attention must be paid, among other things, to whether the control panel is legible enough. It is also important to consider what the welder is designed for. Regardless of the welding method you choose, you should find the right model for you in our shop, allowing you to quickly set parameters. There is nothing more daunting than equipment that takes a long time to set up.

MMA welding machines – MINI and ECO series

Amateurs planning to purchase a device adapted for MMA welding should pay attention to the MINI and ECO series. This equipment is recommended for use not only at home, but also in a small workshop. They are powered from the 230 V mains, and can also be connected to a generator and power supply. What’s more, each welder is supplied with a robust carrying case.

MMA welding machine – for amateurs and beginners

The MINI series, or Paton VDI MINI MINI, is recommended for users who need a small device equipped with features to facilitate MMA welding. These are it: Hot Start, Arc Force and Anti-Stick. These are welding machines that allow you to do a lot of work in the household. They are well protected against surges and the circuits with electronic components are impregnated with two layers of paint. This translates into less susceptibility to failure.

The ECO series is a good choice for those who care about the environment, as it is characterised by its low energy consumption. Models such as the Paton VDI 160 ECO DC and Paton VDI 200 ECO DC are suitable for semi-industrial and field work. They are small and lightweight and have a stepless adjustment of the welding current.

MIG/MAG welders – STANDARD series

Those looking for a device suitable for MIG/MAG welding will also find something for themselves in our shop. We offer models from the STANDARD series, which are designed not only for home use, but also for semi-industrial applications. Their reliable operation is guaranteed by a protection module against surges and voltage drops. Semi-automatic welding machines are suitable for welding steel, aluminium and its alloys.

MIG MAG welder – for beginners and amateurs

Among the STANDARD series of welders there are those powered from 230V mains (among others Paton PSI 160 STANDARD and Paton PSI 200 STANDARD) and from 3x400V three-phase network (Paton PSI 250 STANDARD 400V). Each of the equipment can be used for MIG/MAG, MMA and TIG welding, including pulse current. Regardless of the selected mode of operation, the possibilities of welding parameters adjustment are wide, which makes it easy to adjust the way the device works to your needs. Welding machines can be powered by an extension cord as well as from a power generator.

Semi-automatic welding machines from the STANDARD series ensure effective and comfortable work and are equipped with modern technologies. The risk of failure is reduced to a minimum, as a special electronic thermal protection system is installed on the heated parts of the source.

TIG welders – STANDARD series

For welders without much experience who need TIG equipment, we offer models from the STANDARD series. They are suitable for welding aluminium and stainless steel. Importantly, these devices can also be used for MMA and MIG/MAG operation (including pulsed current). They have a module for non-contact HF arc ignition.

TIG welding machine – for amateurs and beginners

In the STANDARD series you can find such welders as Paton ADI 200 STANDARD. It has compact dimensions and a robust construction, so it is suitable for field, workshop and household work. All equipment is equipped with a module to protect against incorrect supply voltage levels, i.e. voltage drops and overvoltages. They are well protected against overheating by means of a special thermal protection system, and they also offer the possibility of wide adjustment of welding current.

TIG welders from the STANDARD series are distinguished by their robust construction and resistance to failures. Overheating protection is provided by a built-in fan, which operates at higher speeds when the unit is warmed up. When not in use, the cooling intensity is reduced to reduce the noise generated as well as the amount of dust circulating inside the housing.

Every welder, even the inexperienced one, will find the right model among Paton devices for himself. Each of the machines is durable, easy to use and suitable for use in harsh conditions, including rooms with high humidity or high dustiness.